About Us

Trevor Currie has been in the water industry since the early 1990′s. He honed his skills in the extremely competitive UK market before returning to South Africa in 1996 and starting Oaysis Water which later became Alpen Spa. In 1996, water coolers were available but companies and homes had to fill their own bottles with tap water.

In 2001, Alpen Spa was incorporated into Nestle Waters. Trevor Currie then headed the Nestle Waters Home and Office Division for a number of years. More recently he teamed up with Happiness Mphake, a founder Alpen Spa and Nestle Waters employee who also has a wealth of experience in the Home and Office industry.

If you would like to find out more about the water industry and believe you have the drive and enthuisiasm and you are a self starter, why don’t you give Trevor or Happy a call and see whether you have what it takes to get involved. After all “Water is the new oil”.