Bottled Water Coolers

Levati Water supply and rent state of the art Clover Coolers.

These coolers come in Cold and Ambient as well as Hot and Cold models. The coolers are freestanding and take up less than a square foot of office space. They come standard with South African plugs and take a few minutes to set up.

Once installed, you and your staff or your family could be drinking quality purified water within 5-10 minutes. These coolers are ideal for both the Home and Office and they will ensure you are not affected by the sporadic water cuts that have become a way of life in South Africa.

Try for yourself with ourĀ 7 day free trial.

  • Purified water delivered to your door
  • Prepaid water options
  • B10A – hot and cold option
  • B10B – cold and ambient option
  • Free maintenance on all rented coolers
  • Free scheduled deliveries
  • Versatile location options
  • No plumbing required
  • Optional cup dispenser
  • Rental or purchase options