Reverse Osmosis and Purification Systems

These systems are designed to improve the quality of your drinking water in both the home and office. They can be under counter with an above counter tap or above counter with a dedicated tap.

Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to remove almost all contaminants and provide a cost effective way of ensuring the quality of the water for both cooking and drinking purposes.

Levati Water also market Filtration and Purification systems to suit most household budgets. From a single filter unit that attaches to the sink tap and blocks out chlorine to Reverse Osmosis units designed for large offices.

We are able to recommend the right unit for you.

  • Reverse Osmosis 5 and 7 stage system
  • Single, Dual and Triple stage filter units including taps
  • Mains connection filters
  • Counter top ambient Water Purification and Dispensing units
  • Replacement filters
  • Installation and ongoing maintenance